A Total Solution Company

MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES offers a unique combination of strategic network products and services to meet the business information needs of today’s small and large corporation. MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES also works with third party vendor to resell outstanding niche products, commodity products, and products that customers require for their networks which are outside MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES charter, in this way, MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES becomes the single source for integrated network solutions tailored to each customer’s specific business needs.

MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES’ strategic network products and services include:
Third generation hub merging desktop connectivity for Ethernet, Token ring, and FDDI with distributed bridging and routing.
Universal work stations software delivery multiple protocol support, concurrent access to multiple hosts.
Enterprise-wide network management.
DNS (Data Network Services) Network integration services including network planning, consulting, design, and implementation.
Customer service and support Single point of product support and maintenance.
Educational Services Training classes on computer and network Technologies.
Project Management
Project and site management
Network cable
Network Material acquisition
Network certification and documentation
Network design and engineering
Network installation
MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES is committed to specifying the best system for the job at hand, whether it is based on Microsoft, Cisco, Patton, Linksys or 3M other third party vendors. The MATRIX TECHNOLOGIES specialists have direct hands on experience with products from different network vendors. All members of the system integration team, from account executives to installation technician, take pride in providing the best solution for the customer, regardless of source.
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